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New Artist Model Provides Business Plans For Musicians

DAVE KUSEK's NEW ARTIST MODEL is designed to prepare the next generation of artists to take control of their business. His online music business school is aimed at the indie artist passionate about building their knowledge, skills, audience, and bank through the MUSICIAN'S BUSINESS PLAN.

NEW ARTIST MODEL courses prepare each artist to pursue individualized goals through either the ESSENTIAL or the MASTER PROGRAM. The MUSICIAN'S BUSINESS PLAN directs the courses’ elements into a tailor-made Career Map.

The MUSICIAN'S BUSINESS PLAN is both a syllabus and a final exam.

“Even when a musician gets a music degree, they rarely walk away with something as clear and organized as the PLAN,” noted KUSEK, who works one-on-one with each MASTER CLASS student to develop a PLAN. “It’s a central component that helps the artist think creatively in ways she may not have thought before.”

KUSEK is a graduate of BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC and the founder of BERKLEE ONLINE, leaving the college to address the opportunities for creative musicians to develop their own careers. NEW ARTISTW MODEL courses cover how to build your message, brand, budget, marketing plan, team, business structure, online presence, and multiple revenue streams — all critical to a musician’s career.

“Musicians don’t naturally tend to quantify things and consider long-term budgets,” noted KUSEK, who founded several successful music-related startups.

“What Dave is doing for artists these days is crucial,” added CD BABY VP Marketing KEVIN BREUNER. “The business gets more and more confusing and complex. There’s a great deaL that an artist can learn from DAVE and do to make better choices and understand what’s happening with their music.”